Course of Aerodynamics

On 24th January the students of the Eagles Avition Academy, along with the Instructors and members of the Fano Fly Club, have been fortunate to participate to the COURSE OF AERODYNAMICS: a lesson in aerodynamics at the University of Marche.

The lesson, held by the Professor and Engineer Renato Ricci, gave the opportunity to those present to analyze the rich insights of aerodynamics of wings, and to dissect the common mistakes contained in the common aerodynamics theories.

Following the lesson, the students were able to consolidate their learning by visiting the Wind Tunnel, inside of which they all actively participated in the experiments carried out on the airfoils.

Through this experience the students have been able to clarify and apply the knowledge learned in the classroom and with personal studies, addressing the more practical aspects of the subject.

A great thanks to the Professor and Engineer Renato Ricci and to the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences for the opportunity.